Service Desk is the face of the entire IT in any organization. Customer satisfaction depends on how good your service desk operation is. Many a times, running an efficient service desk is a challenge especially when IT is not your core business.

Business Challenges

There are many compelling reasons why one should look at state of the current service desk operation. Increased cost, business demand for round-the-clock IT support, increased complexity in managing infrastructure operations, overworked L1 support staff from day-to-day mundane tasks are some of the reasons to relook.

End-users also demand a better consumer-like experience they are used in their personal lives with omni-channel support such as web, chat, email and voice. Users normally get lost in navigating through cumbersome service catalog and frustrated when they cannot log their issues quickly. On IT support side, L1 support staff is busy solving day-to-day mundane tasks such as password resets, share folder access, account creations etc.

Besides this, considerable time is consumed in classifying end-user requests and redirecting to appropriate IT support group. IT support staff gets overwhelmed with many tickets and complying SLAs becomes a challenge. The result is slipped SLA’s, increased MTTR (mean time to resolve), poor customer experience and ultimately lower customer satisfaction.

Need for Transformation

Hence, there is a definite need to transform the traditional service desk operation with new innovative ways. Traditional Service Desks are evolving with advent of AI technologies such as machine learning, NLP (natural language processing) and RPA. According to Gartner, by 2020, 80% of outsourced service desks for global enterprises will no longer require human service desk agents for the first contact.

Service Offering

With these challenges in mind, we have designed a unique service offering of Intelligent Managed Service Desk. We do a complete transformation of your traditional service desk leveraging new AI technologies such as NLP (Natural Language Processing), machine learning etc. The focus is on using intuitive, natural user interface with chat bots in front and auto resolution engine at the back resulting in a better customer experience. Our platform comes with a rich library of about 200+ common IT tasks such as: password resets, share folder access, user on-boarding, account creation, service restarts, software installations etc.

It eliminates manual intervention or the need for writing automation scripts which are hard to maintain.
The service is integrated with human agents as well. Whenever the AI-bot or automation-bot cannot resolve any ticket, the control is handed over to human agents for ticket resolution.

Business Benefits

Some of the business benefits from the “Intelligent Service Desk” are enhanced user interface, reduction of MTTR, elimination of human errors. Auto-classification saves considerable time of support staff to route tickets to appropriate support groups.

The service also provides scalability to increase service desk virtual agents (bots) depending on the business demand.

We can reduce the service desk operational cost by 40% in the first year followed by at least a 10-15% reduction for YoY. The ultimate result is improved service quality at reduced cost.