Residency Services

Norwin Residency Services provides highly skilled, specialized professionals to manage your infrastructure for your specific requirements. Leveraging our NorStaff Methodology, our Residency Services enables our clients to attract, retain, and deploy a team of professionals in a rapid, scalable, and a cost-effective manner.
Norwin Technologies delivering Residency Services
Your Client: DEMANDSYour Advantage: NORWIN
Accelerated projects, time to value, refreshed technologyEntry point into a new client or client department
Onsite transfer of experienceValidates or establishes your brand as a go-to partner
Flexibility, ScalabilityIdeal entry point for upsell to long term fully managed services
Return on InvestmentResidents gain valuable insights into issues, projects, and client directions
More manageable cost impactNo investment required ahead of revenue, expanded capabilities

Outside Pressures

  • Higher Priority Projects
  • Higher service levels with fewer resources
  • Underutilized assets
  • Mission critical applications- online 24x7
  • Continued information growth
  • Multi-generation, multi-vendor gear

Norwin Differentiators

  • Skilled specialized professionals managing your clients’ demands
  • NorStaff methodology- precision in requirements definition, matching SME’s and retention of SME and knowledge for the future
  • Focus on People, Process, and Performance as core values
  • Save time, money and reduce risk while meeting your SLA’s and SLO’s
  • Our approach provides you scale while focusing on quality, flexibility, cost, and speed to market

Every component of your ecosystem managed and cared for