Norwin Technologies delivering Professional Services

Professional Services

A complete business partner to launch and manage your IT strategies and investments.

We deliver end-to-end planning, designing, and deployment of your Information Technology investments and provide 24x7 support, administration, maintenance, and development of your production environments.

Norwin Professional Services brings you the right team, with deep product and execution methodology capabilities. A Virtual PMO (VPMO) brings in leadership and Deployment Governance which guarantees adherence to standards and methodology, timeliness of deliverables and clean transitions & hand-offs at close.

Why Norwin Professional Services

  • We handle planning, design, delivery, and operations of your IT investments
  • Assured delivery from Norwin specialists and professionals, certified/trained in product and platform specific methodologies.
  • 24x7 Global Engagement Centers (onshore, nearshore, and offshore) – making IT happen round the clock – on premise and virtually.
  • Process and methodology-oriented approach – ensures a tight, precise execution of your mission critical IT program
Norwin's offerings under Professional Services

Program Delivery Models

Flexibility for shared or total ownership
Norwin offers options to engage our professional services delivery. For mission critical and IP sensitive programs, you can choose our Co-pilot Model . You keep primary ownership of the program and governance, define the scope and deliverables, and your PMO works directly with Norwin delivery. We bring in secondary governance with our CSDM to ensure adherence to agreed standards of delivery.
You can also choose from our Pilot Model , which provides you end-to-end Solution and Governance for your IT programs. With Norwin as your pilot, you benefit from our Advisory team, comprised of veteran architects and SMEs, Global Delivery team, VPMO and CSDM, all acting in concert as your single unit of execution.


Client drivenScoping JointNorwin Lead
Joint-Norwin Validates scopeDiscoveryNorwin reconfirms SOW scope
Client ownedContractNorwin Driven
Norwin OwnedPlanningNorwin Owned
Norwin OwnedResourcingNorwin Owned
Norwin OwnedOperationsNorwin Owned
Norwin SDMDeliveryNorwin SDM
Joint, with Norwin vPMOPMOJoint, with Norwin vPMO

Financial Benefits

  • Flexible pricing to mirror client price and margin requirements
  • Only pay for what we work on. No bench costs
  • Expand access of required skills across multiple geographic markets without wasteful travel expenses
  • Lower direct labor costs on partner resources vs full time employees
  • Optional blended skill set and location to help reduce overall resource costs

Business Benefits

  • Low Cost, reduced and saved time and managed risk throughout the entire engagement
  • Speed to market and recognize revenue faster
  • Frees up your valuable employees in long term without lowering your impact engagements
  • Hire right and have a flexible virtual team to reduce cost
  • Expand services and technology options to your clients

Every component of your ecosystem managed and cared for