Norwin Technologies delivering Security services


Companies face greater risk of exposure due to the adoption of new technologies such as virtualization, cloud, IoT and network mobility, along with an increase of cyber-attacks in their vulnerable legacy IT infrastructure.

To reduce this IT security risk, you can safeguard your business reputation, assets and intellectual property with a holistic security approach. Norwin security operation center counsellors will provide you with the industry-standard best practice consultancy and guidance.

Our Offerings

  • Periodical penetration testing
  • Network monitoring and endpoint security
  • Identity management and access control
  • Data: loss prevention data encryption
  • Insider malware threat detection
  • Hardware authentication
  • Security information and event management
  • Endpoint threat detection and security
  • Threat mitigation assessments
  • Governance, risk management & compliance
  • Privacy protection and intrusion detention
  • User-behavior analytics

Norwin at work, delivering Security services….

At a Consumer Financial Services company headquartered in Connecticut: Norwin deployed and optimized Splunk Enterprise Security to provide a security information and event management (SIEM) platform.


Every component of your ecosystem managed and cared for