In the fast-paced and competitive world of IT, comprehensive testing is crucial for the success of any project. At Norwin Technologies, we understand this necessity and offer specialized skills to meet all your IT needs. With our comprehensive test services, we not only accelerate project delivery but also provide quality support and enhanced services that allow our clients to rise above their competition. As your strategic partner, we believe in the power of a successful Testing Center of Excellence (TCOE) built on the pillars of People, Process, and Tools.

The foundation of a successful TCOE lies in its building blocks: People, Process, and Tools. These building blocks provide the necessary flexibility to deliver standardized test services while striking a balance between centralized and decentralized approaches. Let's take a closer look at each building block and understand how it contributes to higher efficiency, cost-effectiveness, and productivity.


At Norwin Technologies, we recognize that the right people are the driving force behind any successful endeavor. Our TCOE focuses on organizing the right talent and establishing an efficient organizational structure. We ensure that our team members possess the necessary skills and capabilities through continuous training and certifications. By retaining valuable resources and implementing effective onboarding and capacity management strategies, we ensure a steady supply of skilled professionals to meet your project demands.


The process is the backbone of any well-executed project. Our TCOE offers a comprehensive set of processes, documents, templates, checklists, and guidelines to ensure standardized testing practices. We prioritize metrics management, service level agreement (SLA)/operational level agreement (OLA) management, audits, compliance, and reporting to drive transparency and accountability. Our cross-functional processes enable seamless collaboration between teams, and our operating model ensures alignment with your business units. Additionally, our change management strategies foster innovation and transformation within your organization.


To achieve excellence in testing, the right tools are essential. Norwin Technologies leverages cutting-edge tools and technologies to enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of our test services. We have a robust arsenal of tools for governance, vendor management, performance management, financial management, and capacity management. These tools not only streamline processes but also provide valuable insights and analytics to make informed decisions. With our modernization approach, we continuously update our toolset to stay ahead of industry trends and deliver exceptional results.

The Norwin Advantage

One of the key advantages of partnering with Norwin Technologies is our Testing Center of Excellence. It allows our clients to implement standard testing principles while ensuring quality delivery. Our TCOE enables seamless scaling up of teams through an outsourcing model. With this approach, individuals can be quickly and consistently onboarded, ensuring project timelines are met without compromising quality. By leveraging Norwin’s Testing Center of Excellence, you gain access to an end-to-end solution that embraces modernization and drives successful outcomes.

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Learn More About Our Solutions

To discover how Norwin Technologies can revolutionize your testing practices and drive success for your IT projects, we invite you to learn more about our solutions. Our comprehensive suite of services encompasses governance, vendor management, performance management, financial management, capacity management, organization structure, skills and capability management, training and certification, resource retention, demand and supply management, process documentation, templates, checklists, guidelines, root cause analysis, metrics management, SLA/OLA management, audits and compliance, reporting, cross-functional processes, operating model alignment, change management, innovation, and transformation. With Norwin Technologies as your strategic partner, you can harness the power of a Testing Center of Excellence and achieve unparalleled results.

In conclusion, Norwin Technologies is committed to helping you accelerate your IT projects and achieve success through our specialized skills and comprehensive test services. By leveraging our Testing Center of Excellence and its building blocks of People, Process, and Tools, you can optimize your testing practices, enhance productivity, and gain a competitive edge in the industry. Contact us today to embark on a transformative journey towards IT excellence.