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We help customers design, build, and manage intelligent, flexible, and secure Information Technology environments. By bringing systems, software, services, and solutions together, we can work with you to put a comprehensive technology and human capital strategy to work for you.

Norwin Technologies is a global IT services partner enabling our clients’ investments across the digital spectrum. We are your virtual partners enabling you to deliver technology and operational excellence to your business customers across the entire digital platform.

Over the past 18 years, we have worked with over 1000 customers worldwide, providing diverse services through a team of 1200+ professionals.

Leveraging a global model, we provide a flexible, scalable, and reliable delivery model empowering our clients across the digital environment.

Residency Services

Norwin Residency Services provides highly skilled, specialized professionals to manage your infrastructure for your specific requirements. Leveraging our NorStaff Methodology, our Residency Services enables our clients to attract, retain, and deploy a team of professionals in a cost-effective manner.

Your Client: DEMANDSYour Advantage: NORWIN
Accelerate projects, speed, time to value new technologyEntry point into a new client or client department
Onsite transfer of experienceValidates or establishes your brand as a go-to partner
Flexibility, ScalabilityIdeal entry point for upsell to long term fully managed services
Return on InvestmentResidents gain valuable insights into issues, projects, and client directions
More manageable cost impactNo investment required ahead of revenue, expanded capabilities

Outside Pressures

  • Higher Priority Projects
  • Higher service levels with fewer resources
  • Underutilized assets
  • Mission critical applications- online 24×7
  • Continued information growth
  • Multi-generation, multi-vendor gear

Norwin Differentiators

  • Skilled specialized professionals managing your clients’ demands
  • NorStaff methodology- precision in requirements definition, matching SME’s and retention of SME and knowledge for the future
  • Focus on People, Process, and Performance as core values
  • Save time, money and reduce risks while meeting your goals
  • Our approach provides you scale while focusing on quality, flexibility, cost, and speed to market

Frees up team from unnecessary interviews; 80 per cent selection rate, competitive advantage over marketplace for Talent

Opportunity Cost per employer involvement; Reduced Risk, Lower Bench cost and Employee DLC; Recognize revenue faster

Secures best talent; quality and consistency; oversight of timelines/deliverable; aligns teams and efforts

Managed Services

Remote global NOC and SOC from our Chennai, IN, site- provides 24×7 continuous monitoring of your network and security and provides proactive response to incidents. Our Global Enablement Centers ensure solutions of the highest quality and efficiency to meet our clients demands.
We provide co-governed Managed Services for maintenance and support to our clients.

Complete Management and Monitoring Services

  • 24 x 7 x 365 Operations
  • Triage and Escalation Management
  • Incident and Problem Management
  • Request Management
  • Knowledge Management

  • Availability Monitoring
  • Capacity Monitoring
  • Device/ Technology Specific Status
  • Reporting

  • Emergency/ Priority Support
  • Platform Patching
  • System Optimizing & Tuning
  • Configuration Management

  • Client Account Management


    Our Offerings

  • Monitoring as a Service – End Point, Network, and Security
  • End User Services – Service Desk/Help Desk
  • Remote Management – Patching, Software Updates etc.,
  • Infrastructure Support – NOC/SOC
  • Technology Support – Extended Engineering Support (an extension to client teams for adhoc project services)

    We are uniquely qualified to deliver this by:

  • Improving service levels through our service that solves complex data center and IT operational issues.
  • Accelerating operations with automation tools and processes that can reduce operational procedures from hours to minutes.
  • Reducing costs to deliver 24/7 operations, preventing project overruns, and eliminating tool investments.
  • Leveraging deep technology operational experience, including managing thousands of residencies, implementations, and devices across the IT infrastructure spectrum.

Benefits to Customers

  • 24/7/365 delivery capable
  • Reduce operational burden and free up resources for higher level activities
  • Improve service levels and user experiences
  • Get better visibility and feedback to support operational efficiency
  • Maintain control and ownership of architecture and data
  • Eliminate the learning curve as you address internal staff and skills shortages
  • Gain flexibility with customized, scalable solution set of Managed Services
  • Optimize cloud costs and establish governance models that extend to cloud


Certified information security and compliance

Norwin Managed Services is ISO 27001 Certified through Afnor. Afnor’s ISO27001 certification demonstrates that our Managed Services organization meets key regulations and industry-defined requirements, appropriately managing risk according to the most rigorous standards of information risk management. We are pleased to be able to deliver clients the solutions they need with the assurance of industry-leading compliance and information security.

Professional Services

A complete business partner to launch and manage your IT strategies and investments.

We deliver end-to-end planning, designing, and deployment of your Information Technology investments and provide 24×7 support, administration, maintenance, and development of your production environments.

Norwin Professional Services brings you the right team, with deep product and execution methodology capabilities. A Virtual PMO (VPMO) brings in leadership and Deployment Governance which guarantees adherence to standards and methodology, timeliness of deliverables and clean transitions & hand-offs at close.

Why Norwin Professional Services

  • We handle planning, design, delivery, and operations of your IT investments
  • Assured delivery from Norwin specialists and professionals, certified/trained in product and platform specific methodologies.
  • 24×7 Global Engagement Centers (onshore, nearshore, and offshore) – making IT happen round the clock – on premise and virtually.
  • Process and methodology-oriented approach – ensures a tight, precise execution of your mission critical IT program

Program Delivery Models

Flexibility for shared or total ownership

Norwin offers options to engage our professional services delivery. For mission critical and IP sensitive programs, you can choose our Co-pilot Model . You keep primary ownership of the program and governance, define the scope and deliverables, and your PMO works directly with Norwin delivery. We bring in secondary governance with our CSDM to ensure adherence to agreed standards of delivery.

You can also choose from our Pilot Model , which provides you end-to-end Solution and Governance for your IT programs. With Norwin as your pilot, you benefit from our Advisory team, comprised of veteran architects and SMEs, Global Delivery team, VPMO and CSDM, all acting in concert as your single unit of execution.


Client drivenScoping JointNorwin Lead
Joint-Norwin Validates scopeDiscoveryNorwin reconfirms SOW scope
Client ownedContractNorwin Driven
Norwin OwnedPlanningNorwin Owned
Norwin OwnedResourcingNorwin Owned
Norwin OwnedOperationsNorwin Owned
Norwin SDMDeliveryNorwin SDM
Joint, with Norwin vPMOPMOJoint, with Norwin vPMO

Financial Benefits

  • Flexible pricing to mirror client price and margin requirements
  • Only pay for what we work on. No bench costs
  • Expand access of required skills across multiple geographic markets without wasteful travel expenses
  • Lower DLC on partner resources vs FTE
  • Optional blended skill set and location to help reduce overall resource costs

Business Benefits

  • Low Cost, reduced and saved time and managed risk throughout the entire engagement
  • Speed to market and recognize revenue faster
  • Frees up your valuable employees in long term without lowering your impact engagements
  • Hire right and have a flexible virtual team to reduce cost
  • Expand services and technology options to your clients


Every component of your ecosystem managed and cared for